Serra de Arga

With a maximum altitude of 825 meters, Serra de Arga appears as the first major obstacle inside the moisture-laden winds from the Atlantic. As a result, the climate of the region is not very harsh, although at the highest points some snowfall and frost periods may occur.

The forest activity is predominantly colonized by pine and eucalyptus (Pinus pinaster and Eucaliptus globulus), but it is still possible to find some natural plant communities, which are part of the list of natural biotopes. In the upper zone, corresponding to the Arga mountain range, tree vegetation is practically absent - extensive pasture as a dominant activity together with the high frequency of fires, led to the development of low shrub vegetation (tojais and toads). In the plateaus of the top of the mountain, the existence of zones of accumulation of water propitiated the development of peat bogs, hygrophilous biotopes and cervunais.