Points of interest

Quinta da Ferreira (estate – former Rocha Lobo manor house – Meixedo)

The building that is part of the estate locally known as Quinta da Ferreira, dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. The layout of the house is made up of four juxtaposing rectangular sections, originating an open quadrilateral with an interior patio in a neoclassical architectural style. There is a chapel with a bell on the side, to the west of the entrance gate, dedicated to Our Lady of Pity. The interior is decorated in a baroque style.
The Casa and Quinta da Ferreira was home to the Rocha family, one of the oldest families in Portugal. Francisco da Rocha Lobo, the abbot of Meixedo and Orbacem instituted the name Rochas de Meixedo in 1597. The name Ferreira (meaning blacksmith) derived from the practices of metalworking and mining jobs related to mining operations carried out in Meixedo and neighbouring villages.