Points of interest

Marinheiro Windmill

This circular tower mill has four trapezoidal sails made of wood. The four lattice framework sails are mounted on the windshaft in a cross shape. The sails are centred and mounted towards the base of the trapezoid, in a slightly tilted position similar to the blades of a propeller. The tail pole is fitted to the back side of the shaft, projecting from under the cap almost reaching the ground. The miller with the aid of the tail pole was able to push the sails into the desired position. The inscription “March 1877” is engraved on the lintel over the entrance. The Marinho windmill is the only one of its kind in Portugal due to the fact that it has trapezoid sails or blades made of wood, and is still able to work.

The windmill was completely restored to its original functions after it was purchased by the Viana do Castelo municipality and is now part of the Moinhos de Montedor Museum.